Our health is an incredible weaving of our soul’s journey through time and matter; a unique blending of the physical and energetic universe’s through our body sphere’s. Our health is the soul’s journey through various stages of manifestation here on the earth, both in an ancient karmic sense and in a reflection of the planet right now with its state of imbalance. 

Health is but a snapshot in time, a blueprint of how we are in soul and body in any given time. Right now at this time in history we are given the perfect opportunity to reflect on both our collective blueprint, as well as the individual; to contemplate how physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually fit we are.

Our divine soul coding is held in the holographic projection of our bodies and our health is but a reflection of our soul path. This does not mean that poor health is necessarily a reflection of poor soul health. It is merely a reflection of the dance of the soul through matter. And there are many influencing factors influencing this dance. It would be naive to assume we can judge anyone’s journey with health, and we may never know all the intricacies that cause sickness in the body or mind. But one thing we do know is there is incredible communication between the soul and the body. And we can honour this with a gentle line of enquiry wherever there are health challenges. 

  • How can I personally return to greater flow in my body and mind? 
  • How can I honour the energies of my body, and support my etheric field (the energy of my body) to integrate and live out my soul lessons with as much freedom and grace as possible? 
  • With presence and curiosity can I show up fully to the mysteries of life, in respect with the flow of nature?

Now more than ever in the world we are contemplating the importance of health. Whilst facing a worldwide pandemic we are individually and collectively reflecting on the existential vulnerability of being alive. More than ever the importance of the health of our mind is of upmost importance, as we prepare to face potentially life threatening circumstances.

So much of the health of one’s body is about bringing our fully awakened presence into the earth realm to heal, nourish and invigorate. No matter one’s intellectual knowledge of the body, we all have the ability to practice this. Where there is a block to the flow of presence and consciousness in our bodies, sickness develops. 

I can see I’ve been blessed with a sensitive body, one that will communicate with me quickly any time I ignore the needs of my soul or physical body. In earlier years this sensitivity was almost agonising, but in later years I’ve come to deeply respect it. It hasn’t always been easy, but it’s sure kept me on my soul path.  Perhaps you also have this experience?

For many of us health issues are what pull us intimately back to the needs of both our body and soul; such is the gift of our sensitivity in aligning us in our life. In this way, our body can truely serve us as our friend and guide.  

When we re-wild our bodies, we come to trust our primal wisdom. To re-wild means to return to both our innate wild and true nature, guided not by the opinions of others but instead by our innate knowing, as well as the primal intelligence of nature and the Universe. This includes the wisdom of when to rest and when to act, when to harvest and when to nourish. It requires we stop pushing, and learn to sink into our natural flow.

By learning to trust our innate wisdom, we lean into the balance of the elements and to the sacred tending of our bodies; and this vulnerability teachers us we are in fact nature itself. 

We are the waters that flow within us, we are the earth of our bodies, we are the breath we breathe and the sacred fire within. Everything we do to our body has cause and effect. Everything we do to our planet also has cause and effect.

The more we honour our sacred vessel and say yes to respecting the wisdom of this body and indeed our Earth; the more we are likely to feel grounded on our path, resulting in a deepening of our sacred purpose here on the planet. We are all here with a valuable contribution to make, just by the very energy we possess and offer. By recognising our existential vulnerability we connect to our sacred place in life, part of the ebb and flow of life, and we develop respectful ways of relating on and with the planet.

When I re-wild I embody the pure, organic nature of self and the vast intelligence of my body. 

There is a lot of re-claiming going on during this period of lock down and rest, and a lot that is needed. 

Perhaps this is an invaluable time to take stock of where we are at in our lives, and how as a culture we can function differently on the planet?

Use this valuable time to reflect on how one can re-wild oneself, to an intimate connection with our innate intelligence and the wisdom of our Earth Mother. How perhaps can one filter this knowledge into all areas of one’s life; health, sexuality, birth, growth and wealth? How can we learn to re-wild, not just conceptually; but in our living, breathing moments – deep into our bones so that we may once live as gifts to the earth.

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