Over time, through out centuries women have sat in circle and crafted together. Across cultures and tribes, women have found their place within the circle and have adorned the tribe with great love and honour. Woven pieces, jewellery, headpieces and other sacred adornments were considered the wealth of a tribe, used in trading and embellishing celebrations, weddings, rites of passage and ceremony.

I have noticed how incredibly therapeutic it is to sit and create, as one finds one’s place of belonging in the circle. When our hands weave their magic, we sing and chatter. A kind of gentle, soothing trance is created, as we rhythmically create beauty.  Not only are our hearts free to connect to other’s in the circle, but our hands are engaged in creating something of meaning. There is a nourishment that flows from being with each other in this way. Our sacred crafting is another of the ancient feminine arts, weaving deep belonging and creativity  into community for time immemorial.

If you are called to experience this, keep in touch with the offerings at Soul Arts. We regularly offer camps, retreats and spaces for sacred crafting.  If you are not local then there may be crafting or weaving group in your area. Or instead you may choose to gather a group from your own community and create some simple magic yourself. It does not have to be complex, simple crafting is often the most magical as it creates a space to drop into conversations, be with oneself, and feel the beauty of the collective energy. Gentle chattering as you craft is therapeutic, as is also the creation of a quiet and sacred space. Bringing music into a sacred craft space can also be delicious, playing soulful tunes that weave its way through matter. Live music and a space to sing together can bring an extra element of magic to a creative space, Be guided by your own heart and follow your desires when it comes to creating a space to breath sacred crafting into your life.

For more information on Soul Arts camps and retreats contact Soul Arts on https://soul-arts.com/connect/

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