Embodiment is the practice of coming into presence within our own body. 

We spend so much of our time in our minds, and this blocks us from fully residing in our feminine bodies, feeling our full pleasure. 

As we say yes to the practice of being present in our bodies and of living an embodied life, we also say yes to feeling the intensity of life. One of the reasons we may knowingly or unknowingly dissociate or ‘leave our bodies’ so to speak, is the experiences we may be having, may at times intimidate us. This is perfectly understandable, and we live in a society that encourages dissociation.

Throughout our life time when we encounter experiences that overwhelm us, if we are not given the opportunity to integrate these experiences or the support we require, then our psyche will protect itself by withdrawing its energies elsewhere. We quite literally ‘leave our bodies’, but in doing so we find ourselves feeling vacant, discombobulated or numb. It makes perfect sense that our psyche tries to protect us. Just as during a traumatic event we go into fight or flight mode to combat a situation, we can also freeze and the freezing of time and space occurs in our attempt to contain a situation psychologically. In freezing or numbing to our experience however; we also sacrifice our ability to ground, resource ourselves and act from a place of embodied wisdom. Instead we may find ourselves tripping over, bumping into things, saying things we don’t mean, and generally acting from a disorientated habitual state, rather than a present filled place of centre. This can at times feel embarrassing or humiliating as we recognise we are not ‘all here’; but we can also end up in a state of perpetual numbness or precarious situations and accidents if we are not fully present in our bodies. 

Ironically, although the ability to disembody can in the short term protect our psyche’s from feeling the intensity of an experience or sensation; if we are left psychologically disconnected from the situation we are in, this can be dangerous and can cause re-traumatisation. 

If we choose to live in an embodied way, we say yes to feeling the sensations and emotions that are occurring in our inner lives, but we also say yes to empowering our self with choice, residency and compassion.

Our very presence is healing, and from this space we stay open to life. 

When we allow our energy to flow throughout us, unrestricted and free from judgement then this freedom allows true flow. As we stay open, we allow in a full experience of life; including a deepening into our pleasure states. One literally cannot live with pleasure in our lives if we are not prepared to feel. This is the space we meet life, and life greets us. This is the space where pleasure exists.

So I invite you next time you feel not fully ‘all here’ to gently take a breath and feel into your warm sensual body. Allow yourself into a space where you can be with whatever sensations you are having and really feel your full energy descending into the body. 

It can feel like a foreign experience at first, and you may encounter numbness or resistance when you first begin. If however you continue with a regular practise of embodying and expressing your feelings; you will find it becomes a lot easier, as your body and being begin to trust the process more. 

When we invite more present into our bodies we gain access to a lot more of our internal resources, and we deepen our relationship with our self.

Learning to be a loving witness is important here. 

Practice following the movement, sound or expression your body desires, and this will assist in restoring the natural flow within, helping us to anchor back into a sense of home in the body. 

Where at first it may not feel safe to rest in the body; gradually over time and practice this journey home to one self gets easier.

As we give space to tune to our senses, our smell, our taste, our breath, our felt sense, our surroundings and internal awareness; we open ourselves to the rich abundance within and around us. We can do this at any time of day, at any time. 

It is then that we can experience our body as our temple and our home. Our body becomes the place we actually feel safer and more resourced; and the experience of feeling disconnected, dissociated or displaced then feels to be a compromise to our own vital presence. 

Nothing is too big to be felt, and no experiences cannot be healed by bringing our presence home to ourselves. Ultimately this is where our power lies.

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