Temple Arts

Temple Arts

Delving into the sacred arts of feminine embodiment practice we remember our roots, mysteries and origins.

The high priestess, the temple dancer, the queen, sharmaness and holder of the sacred waters.

We gather to remember. We gather to attune to nature and the sacred arts.


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Soul Medicine belongs to all of us.


It is the medicine of the plants, the sky, the earth and the cosmos. It is our medicine.
The sacred lushness of life. The dark moon. The radiant life giving light. It is her in her entirety.
Here is your invitation to step closer… Closer into yourself.
Remember your medicine. Remember your knowing. Gaia is here to guide you.

Here in the sacred womb we offer a space to remember.
And to bring the sacred home into your heart. To not just know, but to embody and to live from this space of knowing.
It is what we trust in when all else falls away.
It is the sacred thread that weaves our lives.
It is the belonging,  and the dancing of life, through life.
Here in the sacred temples of our hearts and wombs we offer our gifts to the world, as our gifts have been offered to us.
If you are lost… Searching…. Seeking to deepen and come home. If you are seeking your soul medicine, be still and let her whispers embrace you. She has found you.

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