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About Soul Arts

Soul Arts International offers experiential & educational support for community desiring to rise. 

We offer wisdom & embodied experiences for the Feminine Heart.


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The Temple Doors are open for enrolments for 2023.

Limited Spaces apply

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Soul Nectar for the Feminine Heart

Sha’mana Temple Arts 


Journey into the soul of the Shamanic Yogini as we immerse in the sacred arts of mantra, temple movement, meditation, breath, sound and ritual.






Feminine Embodiment Certification

6 month Immersion

Starts March 2023

Embark on a 6 month Alchemical Practitioner Training in Embodied Expressive Arts.



Retreats & Online Programs

At various locations across Australia and abroad we offer Sacred Camps & Retreats to inspire, uplift & rejuvenate.



Experiences that Uplift & Transform

Here at Soul Arts we offer:

  • Online Courses for the Sacred Woman
  • Sound & Energy Medicine
  • Transpersonal Art Therapy
  • Deep-centered Creative Empowerment 
  • Temple Arts & Ceremonial Rites of Passage
  • Sacred Women’s Work – Circle Arts & Embodied Practise
  • Retreats & Journeys of Spirit

For lovers of Spirit …. seekers of transformational work, those desiring to journey deeper in life …. this is your creative space to play.

– Zoe Gaia

Experience the Beauty of Immersing in the Healing Arts

Soul Arts guides you on a healing journey back to yourself, through the embodied arts of meditation, movement, the arts, ceremony, breathwork, sound healing and community.


Ceremony recognises the sacred transitions in life: Bringing in new life, honouring death, Coupling and uncoupling, life path initiations & rites of passage.This journey is a divine one and learning to honour each transition feeds the soul. 


Circle Arts

Finding our place of belonging, we heal. 

Sitting in circle we have a model for wholeness, wisdom and witness. We feel the true power of community and find our place in the circle.  



When we retreat in life, we re-calibrate. We give space for new life, new longing, new wisdom to surface. We tend. We nourish. We give space. We heal. And we celebrate.


Sound Prayer

Experience an exquisite journey into breathe, voice, vibration and sound healing.

Wrapped in verbal and sonic affirmation, there is support to gently birth a new chapter of life, clearing blocks on one’s soul path.


Transpersonal Journeys

Entering the Transpersonal realms our purpose is to learn of our light, our mysteries and our wonder, as well as to transcend obstacles on our path. Using transpersonal art therapy we play with colour, fabric, clay, music, dance, meditation and mixed media.


Online Circles

Each week we gather as sisters of the earth to create and transform. Join in one of our online courses to connect deeply to your sacred woman. We weave, dance, circle, heal, alchemise, and embody the many colours of the feminine, immersing in healing, temple arts.


Temple Arts

Delving into the sacred arts of feminine embodiment practice we remember our roots, mysteries and origins. The high priestess, the temple dancer, the queen, sharmaness and holder of the sacred waters.

We gather to remember.


Sacred Woman

A woman holds unique codes in her body, aligning to the earth’s frequencies. She is tidal and raw by nature. She is the dance of the feminine incarnate, and she dances to the tune of the moon’s cycles. Understand this dance and become truly alive.


Energy Medicine

Using Plant Spirit Medicine, the vibrational imprint of Gaia, we renew and replenish our deepest remembering. Earth medicine, vibrational essences and therapeutic plant based oils reclaim the lost wisdom of the Medicine Woman. We are this.


Nourish your Soul with the Creative, Sacred Arts

Zoe Gaia – Soul mama. Earth weaver. Keeper of the sacred waters. Shaman-ess and Yogini. As Gaias daughter I weave the sacred way. And I call on my sisters to join me. The world needs our medicine now. We are the story tellers, the earth dancers, the sky dreamers, the temple keepers. We are the forgotten ones, rising gently, fiercely, to dance this medicine again.
Zoe Gaia

Remember Who You Are & all you came here to Be

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Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

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