You dear sister are a flower of presence, a vessel of pure love. 

You come here for a sole purpose. .. just one purpose. To shine your unique light. To heal and be healed. To radiate your joy and presence in the world. 

So step forth from your shadows dear one and be seen in all your naked glory. You are enough. You have always been enough. 

Not later. But now. 

And the planet needs you; for your presence, your vulnerability, your openness, is a healing balm upon the earth. 

So walk forth, knowing all of life celebrates you and Embraces you. 

And you have sisters who walk beside you. 

So Weave your ways

Speak your Essence

Sense your pulse

Share your Soul.

And as you share of yourself she will reveal herself to you. 

Do not be afraid dear daughter, you are so deeply loved. You do not walk alone. You have never walked alone. 

Bring all you are meant to do in this lifetime. And offer it. Offer it. 

The world needs you now dear daughter. Come and be celebrated.

Sacred Woman


A woman holds unique codes in her body, aligning to the earth’s frequencies. She is tidal and raw by nature. She is the dance of the feminine incarnate, and she dances to the tune of the moon’s cycles. As we understand this dance we can become truly alive, and relish the changes and the gifts she brings. She is cyclical by nature. She is pure perfection. You divine woman are pure perfection.


Celebrating the goddess

This is not simply for the ‘beautiful’. The cultured. The perfect. 

Within each being, male or female there lives a goddess. Radiant and pure. Her golden heart pours love. Her wisdom divine. She flows, she moves, she dances, she stills. 

She is the sunlight on the water. The fragrance of a flower. 

She is water. She is Goddess. She is you.

Embracing the Wild Woman

Feel her wild surrender. The pulse of life move through her veins. Her wild call. Her voice powerful and true. Her limbs flowing and alive. Her fullness, her fire, the wisdom she brings. 

Her dance. Her passion. Her vitality. Her life force.  

She will not be dulled. She will not be squashed. She will not hide. She is not here to be tamed. She is here to release…To embody…To free. 

 She is the wounded healer. The reclaimer. The sacred warrior. The wild Goddess. The protector of the sacred realms. She motions the tribe, and cremates all that is old. She blazes a way for truth to be seen, heard and spoken.  

Her boldness is her mercy. Her heart blazes courage and insight.  

She is alive and free.  

She is fire. She is Wild Woman. She is you, if you allow her.


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