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My Sacred Invocation for You …

Hi I am Zoe, founder of Soul Arts and creative visionary for birthing a new way of being, one aligned with the Divine Feminine way.  I am Soul mama. Earth weaver. Keeper of the sacred waters. Shaman-ess and Yogini.
As Gaias daughter I weave the sacred way. And I call on You, my sisters, to join me. The world needs our medicine now. We are the story tellers, the earth dancers, the sky dreamers, the temple keepers. We are the forgotten ones, rising gently, fiercely, to dance this medicine again.
The heart beat of the earth runs through our blood, coursing through our Etheric body. Yearning for her expression and fullness, as we shed the ways of the old. And our womb carries this history.
We grow…we create…we share…we shed. And all aspects of our journey are sacred. As we hold the sacred waters of the earth in our wombs, so the sacred waters of the world hold us.


Soul Arts International

Soul Arts International was founded by Zoe Dodds (Gaia) in 2015 as an intention to build community and education support for women desiring to rise. 

She dreamed of a world where women could feel accepted, loved & empowered to build their lives with abundance & wisdom, from the inside out.

Zoe’s own healing journey with the sacred & creative arts began a grass roots movement to support women in this way.

This was the birthing of Soul Arts International.

Our Mission

As a tribe we only rise together. We are all the sacred channellers of the ancient ways.

Together as we release our forgetfulness & our karmic bindings; we then sing our freedom.  

Finding our feminine essence, we sing our remembrance. And we find courage to walk our truth once more.  

Here at Soul Arts International our mission is to serve women deeply, from a place of connection & wholeness so that all women may rise and remember they are radiant beings of the Earth.

We are here to celebrate women in all her shades and cyclic power, to honour her feminine magic and support her in sharing her power & divine frequencies with the planet.





Life Beginnings …


As a soul dancer I have walked many paths for my medicine.
Raised in the embrace of Tibetan Buddhist parents, I was blessed with their influences as artisans and touched by their approach to earth-centred soulful living. Nature was both my deep refuge and calling from as far back as I can remember. Surrounded by the wild isolated oceans of Western Australia and the alive forest-scapes of my childhood, I fell in love with horses and a wildly creative life. With the elementals dancing around me, I forged my way with the beauty and purity of the elements. Nestled in the womb of nature I healed, dreamed and imagined my world into being from an early age.
But it wasn’t always easy, and life wasn’t always sweet. At 2 years old I lost a dad, and at 3 I gained a new one. Amidst the changeability of life I often felt alone, unsure of my place and where I truly belonged. And from a space of deep loneliness and longing, this early loss was to seed a lifetime of searching and discovery for deeper connection, intimacy and truth.
From a young age I invoked the power of the horse.
Horse medicine whispered depth and fluidity into my being. For two decades I immersed, taught and grew from the earthy, sensual wisdom of my beloved horse beings, of which I have learnt so much. Over a period of fifteen years I worked training young horses to understand people, and people to understand their horses using natural horsemanship and human-horse communication, later incorporating equine shiatsu and acupuncture.
From 17-26 years old I lived in ashrams for nearly ten years of my adult life, deeply watering my yogini roots and making yearly pilgrimages to India, my heart land. This involved much soul development, community living and deep practice of meditation and selflessness. Again, this was not always easy but I loved it. And my learning was deep, rich and powerful.

Professional Training


Following this time of rich exploration I was called to work in the healing arts and I dived into practices of deep embodiment.
Utilising dance, energy,  breathe and the arts of massage and natural therapies,
I went on to train in many things including Chinese and Japanese medicine. This evolved into a fifteen year journey of exploring the essential  ‘bodymind’, and resulted in being a professional Acupuncturist for many years and natural therapist for both people and horses.

A Birthing …

The next major phase of my life development occurred at 34 years old with the birth of my first child, to my long-term life partner.
Nestled into the land that my partner and I lovingly tended, we birthed our daughter at home in water. It was epically challenging and massively rewarding. With it birthed my awareness of the complete power of women, and as I moved from maiden to mother my understanding of the shakti within all women was realised.

Zoe’s Professional Life

People Qualifications:

  • Deep River Women’s Circle Facilitator (completing)
  • Adv. Dip Transpersonal Counselling (completing)
  • Adv. Dip Transpersonal Art Therapy (IIA)
  • Adv. Dip of Acupuncture (QCOM)
  • Cert. Cosmetic Acupuncture (CATA)
  • Shamanic Studies & Drum Healing
  • Diploma of Health (Shiatsu and Oriental Therapies) (ASC)
  • Diploma of Breathwork (IHI)
  • Cert. Hawaiian Massage & Lomi Lomi
  • Raindrop Technique & Essential Oil Practitioner
  • Certificate in Tibetan Reiki
  • Certificate in Indian Head Massage
  • Flower Essence Practitioner
  • Level 3 Healing Touch

Equine Qualifications:


  • Adv. Dip Equine Acupuncture (QCOM)
  • Adv. Dip Equine Shiatsu and Oriental Therapies (QCOM)
  • Equine Bodymind Energetics
  • Advanced Animal Communication


Transitioning into Motherhood

Whilst raising my two babies I deepened my studies in the transpersonal realms and underwent professional training in Transpersonal Counselling as well as Transpersonal Art Therapy, marrying  ‘deep enquiry work’ within the creative realms.

Bringing this work to my clients I went on to birth a body of work for women using a synergy of powerful modalities in retreats and group programs; weaving breath, expressive arts, mediative practice and embodiment tools to facilitate deeply transformative change.

With a desire to formalise the women’s circle work I was sharing I went on to become a Deep River facilitator for transformative change for women. Into this I combine therapeutic art therapy and the healing power of sacred sound healing and ceremony to midwife healing, transformation and inner alchemy. I have found the combination to be very effective.

Birthing my two children and dedicating my practice to the soulful raising of my daughter Nemahli and our son Bodhi Kai, (also birthed at home into water) has been an incredible journey in coming home in myself.

Both with sacred beauty and the grit required to parent but also in the physical and spiritual transformation of growing, birthing and sustaining two children with natural, empowered parenting. This has lead me on a rich journey of womb exploration, the womb and bodies natural rhythms, home birth, sacred sexuality, shamanic practice and deepening self care.

Following my Deep Soul’s Calling …

Evolving my understanding of this power of ‘spiritual midwifery’ over many years of spiritual enquiry, now at aged 43 years I’ve felt an acceleration happening within my deepest soul work. 

We are living in important times, and we are all being asked to up level and serve at our deepest level. 

I believe we are in a time of great chaos and transformative change. As the old systems die, the new ways must rise up and take its place. Its an especially important time for women. And it is time for the sacred feminine to awaken in the heart of all beings, to restore the vast imbalances on the planet right now. 

I have dedicated my life to this work and I am here in complete service as each of us embodies this transformation: Alive, present and radiant in the world.

I will grow old illuminating this sacred task of embodied pure potential, in myself, others, and the planet. 

I hold a deep conviction we all matter. 


In Connection with Gaia … Our Planet

I see myself as a holder of sacred earth wisdom, receiving Gaia’s strength and magic as she pours through me. We all are the holders of this wisdom, if we listen.

Ever thankful for Gaia Mother Earth for her sustaining beauty and wonder as she teaches me to remember ‘home’ within: Home to my essential nature. Home to myself. Home to all life.

Today my deepest desire invokes me to Open to all life and embrace her many forms. Her light, her darkness, her concealing, her revealing. As she whispers her ways, there is much learning, and much to be gained.

My pain has healed me. My experiences make me. Gaia’s offerings are vast. As my womb vibrates with hers I am humbled. I know myself to be both infinite and tiny. 

It was from this place, Soul Arts was born.

Soul Arts International 

Soul Arts International training facility was born

In Gratitude …

In Gratitude…

Thankyou Great Spirit for walking this path with me and forever shining your presence through all I meet. I see you. I celebrate you. I welcome you. As a daughter of the Earth I walk together with you. Thankyou to the Horse spirits for guiding my way, and to the nature faeries and elementals for the joy you bring to my heart, reminding me to dance and awaken. Thankyou to the divine feminine and the sacred masculine for holding me in your warm embrace, in sacred refuge. Thankyou for holding me close. Thank you for all that has challenged and hurt me, for it has brought me to my remembering.




May we all walk together in the strength of our remembrance. May we all walk in peace. Aho- matakweasun (We are all related. We are all One). Thank you for listening to my story.


One day I hope to sit with you and here yours.


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