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Sit down, pour a cuppa & enjoy a dip into the sacred arts.

Sacred Embodiment Arts

Sacred Embodiment Arts

Embodiment is the practice of coming into presence within our own body.  We spend so much of our time in our minds, and this blocks us from fully residing in our feminine bodies, feeling our full pleasure.  As we say yes to the practice of being present in our bodies...

Re-wilding our Health

Re-wilding our Health

Our health is an incredible weaving of our soul’s journey through time and matter; a unique blending of the physical and energetic universe’s through our body sphere’s. Our health is the soul’s journey through various stages of manifestation here on the earth, both in...

Sacred Craft

Over time, through out centuries women have sat in circle and crafted together. Across cultures and tribes, women have found their place within the circle and have adorned the tribe with great love and honour. Woven pieces, jewellery, headpieces and other sacred adornments were considered the wealth of a tribe, used in trading and embellishing celebrations, weddings, rites of passage and ceremony. 

Embodied Woman

Breathe it. Feel it. Sense it now sister. For we are all wild women in our own way.

Embodied Woman. There has never been a time more ripe, to tap our wild desire; the desire within that wants to truly bloom. The desire, that wakes one in the night to dance in the moonlight and roars through us when one stands deep in the fire. 

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