Wild Desire 

So Woman I ask you, where do you feel your desire?

Goddess, in your quiet moments where and what do you yearn for?

Are you feeling the deep resonant call to bust through the limitations that have kept you hidden and held you back? The walls within and without that have kept you small, unseen, safe… in the cage of your own creations.

Do you wish to dance in life’s richness, to taste her wild variety and give of yourself in ways you never knew existed?

Do you wish to know deeply of the lineage that lies within you; the fertile wisdom, the potent power, and the dance that flows through all the essence of creation? 

Because woman, you are this powerful. 

What is it that calls to you dear sister? What calls you in deep to the caverns of your soul and asks for you to feel her wild ways?

Breathe it. Feel it. Sense it now sister. For we are all wild women in our own way.

There has never been a time more ripe, to tap our wild desire; the desire within that wants to truly bloom. The desire, that wakes one in the night to dance in the moonlight and roars through us when one stands deep in the fire. 

For there are indeed times we are asked to be in the fire; the wild fires of being; that incinerate all illusion and the fire without that burns away our ego. Our fire is our alchemical knowing; the fire that burns all that is no longer real, so we no longer bleed energy to the frequency of death. 

As wild, courageous women, at times we are asked to sit steady in the burn of life. 

As we burn we are left with that which is valuable and true. Withstanding this burn is never easy, but her purifying fire will set us alive and bring to us gifts of strength, clarity and wisdom; it will be worth its weight in gold for the discomfort you may have to feel.

Deep within the sensual rhythm of the feminine is a wildfire that wants to be seen, felt and tasted. 

She wants to dance wildly to the pulse of her soul and bellow to the greatness of her being. She no longer wants to be serene and demure and merely accommodating. She is rising up in history to be felt now, in her full ferocity! In her powerful NO, as the fibres of her being rise in full force to all she no longer wishes to sustain and support; No to violence to women, to men. No to violence to animals and the planet. No to squashing the spirit of children or taming the power of the wild feminine. She claims her No!

So what then sister, does your voice of fire and longing say yes to? 

What in the deep stirring within, is longing to be felt?

And where in your body temple do you house your fire and sacred desire? 

I have a desire for all life to be lived, felt, and cherished. I  have a yearning from within to radiate; purely, wildly, freely. The wild desire of my soul, honoured and holy! Perhaps you have this too. Can you feel it?

The sacred desire within me has come here to be felt. It’s come to be lived, and breathed, and expressed; and for it to be manifested on the earth realm also. 

Do you feel Her calling? 

Do you feel the loud moans of wild desire vibrating within you, beckoning you out of any restricted, limited, distorted views of yourself? 

Perhaps sister you feel it’s time to tune and give space to your inner wild; to tap the succulent juice of both your quiet  moments, and the wild expansive power of your greatness. 

Your wild desire yearns to be free.

Allow this longing to call you, beckon you, open you. 

If you do not know it yet; then reach out to it, for it is there  within you waiting. Waiting to be seen and felt. Waiting for you to hear Her. Waiting to be untethered and expressed. Waiting to be wildly lived. 

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