Welcome Sacred Woman!

My name’s Zoe and I’m here to warmly welcome you.

How does this sacred day greet you?
  • Are you tired of the daily grind?
  • Pushing, striving with long ‘to do’ lists, stuck in one’s head and living in a tired, sore disconnected body?
  • Do you long for a pathway back to you, and your warm sensitive body?
  • Do you long for ways to earth you back into your magnificence, your radiance and your magnetism?
  • Are you wanting to re-claim your body from the patriarchy and dance free in your own luminous light?
  • Do you long to feel the goddess within and to feel …and be seen in your wild, authentic beauty?
  • Do you yearn to have a voice that is pure and strong and authentic in these crazy times of push and collapse?
  • Does your soul seek ways to anchor in your power, so you can be who u came here to be?
  • Do you long for the ancient ways and the power that lies within you?
  • Do you desire to live in your body in a way that feels sensual, whole, vital and sexy as all fuck?
  • Are you tired of being worn out by life, depleted by the demands of being woman, and ready to live a completely new way of existing in the world?
  • Rise Woman rise.
  • Your time is now. This is the great re-claiming. This is time to take your place.


Do you desire for more in life?
Do u wish to dance in the richness of life, freeing your wild, sacred woman?
Do u seek deep, embodied empowered ways of being on this earth plane?
Do u wish to generate power and healing wherever you go and walk the beauty path?
This course will inspire you to offer your treasures in the world, to shine and be seen.
It is for those motivated to help the planet at this vital time in history. To add to the beauty in the world, through your presence, your creations and your healing gifts.
It is for those inspired to live their deepest soul path, without compromise. To those willing to do what it takes to live a rich, creative, abundant life. To those committed to living in the lush, free, sacred, flow of life by courageously stepping into their soul gifts.
Do u wish to trust life and dance In her life-giving pleasures? Are you ready to release your fears and live a deeply Embodied sacred life? We are here to support and empower you to take your place in the world.
To return to the ancient ways and find their sacred place in this modern world.
To connect with your fluid feminine flow, your Shakti creative life force and Shine!
  • Feminine power – what it is and what it isn’t.
  • The shadow of the feminine.
  • Feminine wounds run deep
  • Relational healing – woman to woman and woman to man.
  • Reclaiming the ancient ways.
  • How to hold ceremony – transformative feminine power.
  • Transfiguration and creative power
  • Priestess: Sacred waters of the Inner witch, goddess, mother (nurturer of life) and Shaman-ess birthed into being.
  • Pleasure palace – feminine abundance feedback system – reclaiming the feminine arts.
  • Womb -centre of power, intuition, wisdom and creativity.
  • Embodiment– felt sense, body boundaries wisdom & communication, be seated back in your power place, develop curiosity rather than fear, primal earth sourcing – returning our presence to our feet, calves, legs, hips, yonis, wombs and vibrational healing effects of Mother Earth.
  • Feminine Manifestation: the 6 wisdom areas of the body (“reclaiming the body” Suzanne Scurlock book). Gut is the guide… pelvis has well of power to follow… the bones have our ancestral wisdom… feet and the legs earth us… and heart is amplifier. FEELING it, not just visualising it. Boundaries and connection give us power to navigate the outer world with more ease and grace, reduced fear and anxiety etc.
  • Every part of the body has its own resonance and sound. And learning to tune to that is like a whole symphony rather than just one sound.
  • Power and resource of breath. Your body is always with you – through all changes of relationships and circumstances.
  • Coming to one’s senses – wisdom of the senses. Body wisdom – feeling is Healing. What’s in the way IS the way.
  • SHAKTI- s.h.a.k.t.i. Sovereign. Heart/breasts. Allowing/rest. Kundalini (slow sex). Throat expression/voice. Intuition (3rd eye)/Instinctual knowing.
  • Feel it. Heal it. It will wait for you.
  • Heal visibility and shame.
  • Intuition – fostering one’s feminine superpower
  • Rhythmic powers (woman’s cycle)
  • Body knows. Wisdom flows.
  • Trusting the flow and surrender.
  • Holding space – the ultimate feminine superpower – how babies are grown and birthed.
  • Quality of Being. Masculine presence and Feminine Magnetism.
  • Masculine Go. Feminine flow.
  • Learnings from a prolapse – reclaiming my women’s body.
  • Reclaiming the Feminine body from the patriarchy – lovemaking/porn, the feminine mask and beauty vs true beauty/feminine flow, our bodies and surgery, birthing, time to nurture our young, professional equality. Time dedicating our life to everyone else’s needs, feminine anger and niceties.
  • Temple of self – refinding one’s relationship to one’s own body and sensuary pleasure, connecting to one’s voice – voicing needs and boundaries. Non violent deep respect of the feminine. Transforming anger to power, returning to feminine flow .
  • What have I done that’s sensual today?
  • What have I done that’s pleasure filled today?
  • What have I done that is in receivership today? Magnetism and sacred needs.
  • Where have I nurtured my feminine flow?
  • Where have I radiated?
  • Where have I honoured my sacred boundaries and set my needs free.
  • Temple of nature – refuge in true life force – food, air, water, outdoors
  • Where have I filled my cup (feminine vaccum – we desire to be filled- filled with the divine, with life, with ourselves, with divine Mother, with presence.
  • Fengshui your home temple – feminine mastery.
  • Sacred flow. Feminine flow through a home.
  • Bow at the temple – flow of energy and wealth through one’s life.
  • Feminine abundance. Feminine wealth. Collaborative. Sensory. Radiance is the currency. Radiance power.
  • Nurturing the feminine body – rest, Rainbow power foods, Nutrient dense. Allergen free. Time for ritual and replenishment in the feminine with the Mother.
  • Feminine arts – dance, art, Tantra, song, ceremony, healing, caretaking.
  • The Elixas of life. Woman – carriers of the sacred waters. The healing waters
  • I’m passionate about the divine feminine being seen and supported in wealth.
  • Power centres of women – activation: yoni, womb, solar, heart, voice, inner sight/temple of the soul, divine.
  • The new wealth codes: Abundance is love. Generosity. Caring.
  • Vulnerability opens intimacy.
  • Hold strategy but then open up to the next level of mystery. The dance of the masculine and feminine generates limitless possibilities- and that opens spaces of accelerated wealth.
  • Breathing through the heart immediately raises vibration up into wealth consciousness and potentiality.
  • Surrender to the higher will. Service to the divine light.
  • The keys to the kingdom are for those who take responsibility but also those who release all responsibility.
  • Weekly temple practice/ light flow /abundance channel/ wealth clearing/ body healing/womb presencing/ feminine power centres/ totem shamanic animal embodiment/ archetype empowerment/breathe of light/ temple dance/ sounding ram sam etc etc/opening the voice channel/ art as divine manifestation and insight/ eye gaze/ blood rites/ temple massage/temple arts – rose bath, crystal essence/adornment/ priestess activation/abundance codes water activation/ rainbow nourishment.
  • Home sanctuary temple
  • Erotic divinity
  • Erotic innocence and purity
  • Moon rhythms and ritual
  • Rite of possage
  • Ceremony
  • Sacred wealth flow
  • Rivers of wealth. Light rays. Golden light. Golden egg – womb. Shower.
  • Sister love and connection. Together we rise. Healing competition and feeding support and companionship in one’s personal and business lives.
  • Body as feedback. Voice of the yoni and womb. Learning to re-trust our bodies/yonis in our yes and our no. No longer over riding with our heads. The masculine way is to think with your two heads (penis and mind). The feminine way is to feel through one’s waters – womb and heart flow.
  • Woman’s body – embracing the soft, curvaceous lines of woman in all her forms.
  • “I empower healers and entrepreneurs to live life with feminine power, for their ultimate business success.”
  • ***“I inspire healers and entrepreneurs to live a fierce life of feminine power, so they can live a life of true abundance.” **** (True abundance is true health, true relationship and true wealth. And true sustainability on planet. …..Connection to body wisdom, intuition and soul calling, part of the cycling, service and deep honouring of all life.) Feminine Abundance Coach. One must access feminine power to reclaim true abundance.
  • “I empower healers and entrepreneurs to rise in feminine power, for the power of themselves and the planet.”
  • Wild Feminine Abundance
  • Rise up for the power of the Planet.
  • Rise up and be counted. The myth of starving artist, broke healer and drained caretaker is over. Rise up and take your place sovereign woman.
  • Woman finds her true place – as healer, change maker and priestess – steward of wild abundance.
  • Wild sovereign woman – the path of true abundance.
  • Wild sovereign woman – abundance restored. Health, Wealth, Love, Pleasure!! Our return to feminine power is the missing link to our abundance in body, mind and wealth.
My life pains have been – My Story:
Sexual safety and empowerment. Safe to be woman. Safe to be sensual, powerful and luscious.
Health push of the masculine and not following the feminine rhythms and flow.
Wealth and the ability to create in ways that honoured my sensitive, intuitive feminine flow.
Love and the dishonouring of the feminine ways in relationship – sex, respect of child rearing, honour of cycle and rhythm, respect of the feminine and non violent, communication. Control and power dynamics. Self care and reclaiming of voice and emotion.
What I have learnt:
  • empowered sexuality
  • Reclaiming body image
  • Reclaiming freedom and pleasure of sensual arts – touch, smell, colour, sound, movement, extra sensory.
  • Power of childbirth and woman’s power
  • Woman’s immense creative power:receptivity and growing and carrying of life.
  • Woman’s spirituality – different from masculine way. Feminine arts of embodiment, embracing emotion, sensual living, the beauty way. Soft power, surrender, devotion and dedication to life, collective, collaborative, circle of importance and belonging not hierarchy. (BK life)
  • Woman’s body – lessons from prolapse: opening breasts, standing tall, being seen, warrior woman of life. – lessons in blood rites gateways of life and death, terraining the worlds and the mastery this brings to woman and planet.
  • Health crisis – power of listening, value of rest, reboot of system to a new frequency. Nourishment, self care, rhythmic life, honouring one’s truth, one’s needs and one’s contribution. True receptivity to life and honouring one’s value (financially).
  • Power of breath. Taking up space.
  • Finishing power struggles and aligning with feminine honouring. Reclaiming respect through empowered voice and presence. Freedom through true power and abundance.
  • Healing the mother line and feminine power: finding voice … mother and grandmothers. Empowering daughter. Instilling respect in my son. Honouring his feminine.
  • Friendships : I learnt through the fire of feminine abandonment, competition, put downs and rejection – how to honour my friends and lift them up, includivity, acceptance, respect, belonging, supporting others to rise and allowing in support of others.
  • Healing the feminine wound of displacement – where the feminine are cast aside for the masculine (eg letting friends down or abandoning children/mothering role to please relationship with the masculine). This made me parent differently and allowed me to carve out a place of deep love for my friends and children. The creation of deep belonging.
  • Woman’s body – embracing the soft, curvaceous lines of woman in all her forms. Loving the motherly body I am. Woman as power. Woman as nourishment. Woman as Elixir of life. Breastfeeeding, womb temple, sovereign woman of beauty.
  • Reclaiming the ancient ways – finding ceremony – transformative feminine power/power of thresholds and luminal space/ holding of space feminine way. Incubator of transformative experience in the golden womb yurt. Finding circle again and rising through circle arts.
  • ‘Anger comes with loss’. Reconnecting to my anger, and voice and aligning to feminine power to rise once more and say enough! Reclaim what was lost.
  • Opening to the new wealth. New codes of abundance not through striving but through feminine power.
  • Home and hearth – refuge and nourishment. Permission to be home. Governors of rest and nourishment in family. Home as balance and beauty.
  • Opening the breasts. Opening the womb. Breastfeeding and birthing. Lessons of breastfeeding. Lessons of birthing.
  • Women’s wealth flow – breasts, womb, yoni temple. Heart – is abundance amplification. Womb – is abundance manifestation. Yoni – is abundance radar.
  • Dance of my solar and lunar energies in amplifying my radiance. Radiance is the currency of wealth and abundance.
Pain & Invocation:



I began this path a long time ago, on a mission to live fully, walking the sacred ways on a pathway back to myself. 

I came in wild and free. But somewhere along the way I found myself tame and compliant. I lost my voice. I lost my power. The opinions of other’s became more important to me than my own, insidiously, silently, shaping my ways and my words and I hadn’t even noticed. 

I didn’t wake one day and snap out of this slumber. Each day has been an incremental journey back to myself, to my breath, to my wisdom, to my voice of knowing and to the power that is the essence of me. 

I began in the realms of spirit, catapulting myself into meditation and transcendence, ashram living for ten years and epic trips to India to the mountains to retreat each year. From here I transitioned into deeper work with breath and emotions, becoming a re-birther and breath worker assisting me in clearing the debris of emotional accumulation. Lastly my body called me home, into touch and massage and advanced knowledge of our energy system through shiatsu, acupuncture and body centred healing. Each step has shed layers of encrusted beliefs, indoctrinated mind chatter and unnecessary energy wastage to be released. Each embodied experience on the path has led to a recalibrating of my soul path. Creativity however was the door that fully opened me into my path today. I have always been a creative, however when I trained as a professional art therapist some years ago I discovered a deep passion for merging sacred exploration with the creative arts. As I journeyed with art therapy, I allowed the art to show me the voice of my soul. I allowed song, music and ceremony to guide me back to me and I allowed my wild dance to express the full essence of my journey. 

Creativity has been a fountain to which I always return, an elixir in my life and a sacred well that keeps me nourished. For me it is the intertwining thread of sacred, creative living that nourishes me to my absolute core, giving me wings to fly and roots to burrow. It is the essence of this passion that breathes its way into the pages of this book.

This journey is the return of the wild, sacred women we intrinsically are, and it is our passage home. As you read your way through this book allow yourself to deep dive into the  healing arts on offer to bathe and awaken you; and activate a new way of being in yourself. 

Each layering of my learning held blessings, and each of the sacred, healing arts I expanded into stretched me like a birth. One thing I’ve come to know is self growth is not for the faint hearted, but the sweetness and joy one experiences in growth is unparalleled and I would not have changed a thing. 

Just as a mother’s journey is one of challenge and growth as she births her children, so too is the journey to birth oneself. 

The next phase of my expansion was a deep dive into mothering and home birthing my two babes into water. This catapulted me into the wisdom of my womb and opened me to the shamanic wisdom I held in my bones. Each step on this path has called me home to myself, deepened my love of the divine and my experience of alive sacredness in life, in all her challenges and bliss.

Through this doorway, I have discovered many things. I have discovered I am a wild and sensuous woman, who desires deeply to embody this fertile life. I long to feel the depths of my waters, the fire of my belly and the breath of my ancestors living through me. I seek to walk my authentic way, anchored in the totality of all I’ve come to be and rest in the knowledge of my realness, visible and translucent as the holy smoke that breathes through me. Each day I call her home, and each day I discover more of her.

I know there is a bit of wild in every woman. And I know that our ‘wild’ essence desires eyes that see, and ears that listen. 

Our inner wild is constantly in conversation with us. Hold up, take a breath, surrender into the sacred pause and feel this moment and the wild pulse that runs within you. No event nor experience can ever dim this wild, holy woman within. Our ears can simply become deaf to the wisdom she speaks, and our eyes dull to the radiance she holds. But she is always there, forever there and breathing you. 

This journey, and this book is about unveiling the heart, clearing the eyes, opening the ears for us to see our own inner wild; and the sacred, ecstatic sovereign women we are. Whole and holy, treasured and free.

Dear woman, come with me on a journey through these pages and give space to your wild, sovereign woman to rise. For she is here, and she is calling and she is rising whether or not we know it. 

She is wild sacred woman. She is you.

  • How to hold ceremony – and harness transformative power from liminal states.
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